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Welcome to our world of adventure! Dive into the heart of TOBE, where every thrill ride and snowy trail comes to life. Our video gallery isn’t just about showing off—it’s a portal into the essence of our brand. Here, you’ll experience the adrenaline-pumping action, the soul-stirring landscapes, and the spirited community that make TOBE truly unique. Every clip is a story of grit, endurance, and the unbreakable bond between rider and the great outdoors. Get ready to be inspired, to feel the rush, and to see why when you’re geared up with TOBE, you’re ready to take on the world. Watch, enjoy, and discover the indomitable spirit of TOBE Outerwear!

Who are we at Tobe Outerwear?

Learn how Tobe Outerwear crafts high-quality outerwear in northern Sweden.

Why monosuits? Learn the one-piece history

The idea of the one-piece suit for snowmobiling is as old as the snowmobile itself. But in 2008, we reinvented it and now call it the monosuit. If you’ve never tried one, it takes the imagination of a child to understand. But once you have, you are not going to ask why again. Watch the movie to learn more and explore our lineup of monosuits at High quality snowmobile and backcountry apparel clothing from TOBE Outerwear. Waterproof, breathable, ultra tough gear for every adventure.

Creating the toughest outerwear - 20 years with Tomas Berntsson

Founder of the outerwear brand TOBE, Tomas Berntsson, tells you the history of the company, the progression, and his sights on the future. This film was produced in 2020 and released to celebrate TOBE’s 20th birthday.

Exploring Wyoming with Rob Hoff

We joined up with team athlete Rob Hoff for a few days in his backyard. Listen to Rob's history as a professional backcountry snowmobiler and his vision for the future, where he likes to join forces with the full outdoor recreation community in the winter. "We're all doing it for the same reason. To get out and have an amazing day and get away from the stresses of our life." Watch the video to learn more about Rob and his swing of life. Explore the new outerwear collection from TOBE at

Andrew Munster - Tales of our Tribe - TOBE Outerwear

Since the very beginning, we've been focused on more than creating the highest-quality outerwear and equipment. We've also been building something special: our community. Our Tribe. We're surrounded by some of the most amazing people in the world. With their stories becoming tightly intertwined with our own, it's our privilege to begin telling the tales of our Tribe. This new series starts with an in-depth look at Andrew Munster. When Andrew generously opened his Whistler BC home to our team last January, we learned a lot about Andrew Munster, the rider, and even more about Andrew Munster, the man. We're proud to present Tales of our Tribe - Andrew Munster.  When you decide to put your faith in TOBE Outerwear to keep you warm, dry and safe, you too are a part of Our Tribe.

Big jumps with pro snowmobiler Jon Jean in Revelstoke

We met up with team athlete Jon Jean at his home base in Revelstoke, Canada. Famous for his huge jumps and cliff drops we wanted to learn more about the man behind the bar and his progression in the sport. Enjoy this 6-minute film to learn more about Jon and his passion for the sport.

The origin of the 180 whip? Meet the local: Jerry Fredriksson

Meet one of our locals! We met up with long-time team athlete Jerry Fredriksson in his backyard, Jormvattnet - Sweden, where we believe the first 180 whip on a snowmobile was pulled off. Follow the old friends Tomas and Jerry going back to their old stomping grounds, where both the outerwear brand TOBE and the 180 whip were created. Spring shredding in Sweden is the best! High quality snowmobile and backcountry apparel clothing from TOBE Outerwear. Waterproof, breathable, ultra tough gear for every adventure.

Gloves : From the founders desk

Tomas Berntsson, founder of TOBE Outerwear tells you how we make gloves that work for high demanding sports like snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, or the everyday stroll in the cold.





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