What is Cordura?

The CORDURA® brand innovates fabric and fiber technologies that make your jeans stronger, your backpack tougher, and your step a little lighter. We supply military heroes with a durable layer of protection in clothing, boots, packs and every kind of gear imaginable, and it’s a privilege we take seriously. We bring this same level of commitment and precision to everything we do.


You may not always see Cordura, but they got your back. CORDURA® is with you when you’re working overtime on the factory floor, navigating airports or new cities, scaling cliffs or hitting jumps. We’re the durable layer of protection that helps you confidently push the envelope, the mountain and yourself.


When you have an experienced and hard-working partner like CORDURA® fabric, confidently beginning a new adventure feels a little less risky, and a lot more comfortable. That’s why we design CORDURA® fabrics to enhance protection and comfort and empower people to boldly take on the world.