Welcome to the north where the roads are empty, the pow is deep and the possibilities are endless. In the very north of Sweden, getting a carton of milk means a two hour drive back and forth to the grocery store and the school bus stops by early in the morning – hours before dawn. The long distances don’t stop the people up here. The long distances rather bring them together; and attract more people from the city.


Welcome to Gautosjö, one of the many small villages in the north of Sweden. Gautosjö is home to nine year-round residents, but during the snowmobile and fishing seasons the amount of people around here increase to about one hundred.


Oh you are going to the airport?” the manager of the camp in Gautosjö asks. “I think the neighbor is going the same direction, I am sure you can get a ride” she continues. The smaller the village, the greater the willingness to help. Villages in the north might be small, but they are self-sufficient when it comes to transport.

Gautosjö has an international vibe to it despite its size. Italians and other Europeans come for bird hunting in the early autumn and snowmobile lovers from the neighboring countries are keen to visit in the winter. When you drive the roads in the area you are likely to meet many test drivers behind the wheel of secret cars from global makers that might soon go on the market internationally.

This is the north. Secluded and genuine and with many glimpses of the world and the future.