We have considered it unique for the human being to have a feelings that we label as empathy, moral and fairness. This is a beautiful foundation for us as a human beings and it allows for emotions such as freedom, happiness, joy and thankfulness. But also the pure feeling of receiving, and also giving, something beautiful to other people. Not only in terms of gifts or things – but foremost the ability to understand other people, and to show respect.

Giving up your seat to an elderly person on the bus when it is jammed packed. The zipper principle on the highway when to lanes merge. Keeping distance to the vehicle with trailer that you just overtook because the fresh snow covers the vehicle in a giant cloud behind you. Slowing down when you meet an equestrian, and to show respect and slow down when you see reindeer on the mountain.

  • Slow down when you encounter reindeer, let them pass at their own pace. If possible, turn around and choose another way around, says Eveline Solsten who works as a reindeer herder and is a Tobe ambassador.

We all share the forest, the mountains, the snow and the world. You and I are pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle and the more we understand each other and show respect, the more space we are given to do what we love the most. Take deliberate care of your freedom and you will have more!

We encourage you to let loose all the power you have on the mountains, but be careful of the environment you are in and evaluate the current conditions. You have a current state – so does nature. Be it the trail you bike, hike or run in the summer or the mountain you go with your snowmobile on in the winter and spring. Choose your actions accordingly. Be kind. It will serve you.