Bring your snowmobile, skis or sled dogs to the mountain and make sure to pack firewood and good food. Sun winter, spring winter, the fifth season – however you want to label it – is upon us. This is the best season! Gather your family and friends and cook a meal over an open fire. These are our favorites for the season:


The simplest way to enjoy a sweet little something is to put a cinnamon bun on a stick and grill it. If you have this Swedish classic treat in your grocery store you don’t even have to bake them, just buy them frozen from the store!


Ever tried the Swedish local food “kroppkakor”? Potato dumplings! We like to deconstruct this dish on a frying pan over a dancing flame of fire. All you need is a package of gnocchi, pork belly cut in chunky pieces, allspice, butter for the frying and lingonberries (preferably sweetened). This is easy to cook. Just fry the pork, then add the gnocchi and the allspice. Serve with lingonberries. Enjoy!


You will never go wrong with a burger. We love to add a generous slice of taleggio cheese on the meat, whether it is beef, reindeer or moose. Or go vegetarian with halloumi!

Don’t miss out on the drinks! Hot cocoa is a classic but give warm lingonberry lemonade a try. Or even better: warm apple cider spiced with cinnamon, cardamom or ginger. Add whipped cream to really impress your friends!