The return of the light is the return of powder dreams

In the very north the sun settles in the beginning of December to rise again many weeks later. These days are not your usual days. These days are called polar nights; the sun never makes it over the horizon. This is when the tough gets tougher and when dreams of light and powder days are born and nourished as the storms pass by. 

The polar nights are as beautiful as they are harsh with pink and purple skies and temperatures so cold that even your eye lashes freeze.

But these days of darkness are soon to be over. The return of the light is happening right now and time has come to seize your powder dreams. Adventures cannot wait, they need to be lived. Magic moments are waiting for you!

While other sacrifices are rewarded with money or appraisal, the reward for staying put in the dark are the shy first rays of sunshine that follow the track behind you or that lead the way before you. Go chase your dreams whether it is reaching those mountain peaks or the deep ravines in between them. Thaw your frozen soul with the adrenaline of your adventure be it on skiis or snowmobiles! Go out and play. The light is back. This is what you have been waiting for!