She works outside all year round and rarely checks the clock. The other day her working day started at 10 in the morning and ended just before midnight. The job is more like a lifestyle and her life is a fulltime job. She admits that it is tough at times but that good gear helps.

Evelina Solsten works as a reindeer herder: “when the reindeer is healthy I feel happy”.

She uses clothes from Tobe and puts on the monosuit on days when she travels far into the forest on her snowmobile, the shell jacket for reindeer roundups and the Tobe pants for most workdays.

Conditions can be especially harsh during the reindeer roundup in the winter. “I remember this one year when our goggles got covered by a thick layer of ice” says Evelina. Reindeer thrive in the cold but summers are very different. The heat make the reindeer tired and slow.

Evelina makes sure to stay close to the reindeer during the cold and dark winter months and she checks on them daily. When spring arrives, the reindeer move further up the mountains. This marks the start of a challenging time for the reindeer herders. The frozen lakes thaw and conditions change constantly. Every day matters. The job as a reindeer herder means a life of constantly learning and it all begins in the early years as a child. This year is Evelina’s first year as a full time reindeer herder.

“Spring and summer is the best time of the year. The calves are born in the spring and this time of the year is usually calm and peaceful. The reindeer marking later in the summer is when we gather the reindeer and mark them as ours” explains Evelina.