Sara Rönne has parked her overlanding pickup, hardtop trailer, snowmobiles and a snow blower by her house. There is a plug-in hybrid too. Next to the worn hut is a wheelbarrow filled with birch wood. The views from the fire barrel on top of the hill are stunning, overlooking the river and the mountains.

  • Welcome to my house, says Sara.
  • I call this my adventure house. It might not be what you see in the interior magazines, but we like it here. I want this house to feel homely, that people actually live and thrive here. I like the interior colorful and with an energetic vibe.

She has lived in Åre for several years and the number of skiis has increased with time and the number of adventures. This also goes for the vehicles on the driveway. Five years ago, she went on a guided snowmobile excursion and she vividly recalls the strong feeling of “I want more of this in my life”. She soon began to freeride and the past years she has spent the powder seasons with likeminded friends in a small village in Lapland in the north of Sweden. They ride and ski during the day, and work remote in the mornings and evenings.

  • It is pretty straight forward to keep doing what you have always done. But if you want things to be different then you need to do things differently. I want to feel really alive, so I challenge myself by saying yes to things even though it is uncomfortable at times, Sara explains.
  • Regardless if I go snowmobiling, alpine ski touring or ride my gravel bike, it is all about the same thing. I want to feel alive and free. The kind of freedom that comes from speed in nature.

Sara wants to challenge the norms that society has formed what a successful life looks like. She graduated with a BA in Economics and has worked in finance in Ireland and Canada. After a couple of working years filled with numbers and excel files, she changed career and started working with marketing in Stockholm. But she longed for something else than city life and moved north. She moved to Åre, a small but vibrant village with 2000 year round citizens. She accepted a life with lower income but she was rewarded with more freedom and adventures instead. Sara is currently self employed and decides on her own work life.

  • It is a lot of work being your own boss but it is all up to me. I prefer to make time for adventures every week instead of taking all my time off in July, which is when most Swedes are on vacation. I want to make time for riding my snowmobile in February, to do a lot of skiing in March and to run and hike the mountains in September. My life is designed to maximize the seasons. Success in life is not about having an advanced title at work or to make the most amount of money. I have a life that I don’t want a vacation from and that is success to me, Sara explains.

Sara’s blog, sararonne.se, is the largest blog in Sweden on the topic of adventures and outdoor life and it is also part of her work thanks so sponsorships and partners.

  • I started blogging about health and wellness when living in Stockholm. Nowadays the blog is about what to do in Åre, and other places I really love. It is filled with epic waterfalls, beautiful trails and my favorite restaurants. The blog has resulted in more people moving to Åre. And the number of people who want to go on overlanding adventures, explore cold swimming, try gravel biking and ride snowmobiles are countless, Sara laughs.
  • The reason I blog about my life is because I want more women to challenge the thought of how life can be if you dare to think outside the norm. Take your space! Make plans out of your dreams. You will find your magic when you step out of your comfort zone, and that feeling is addictive. You will want more, and that is an awesome feeling, Sara says. 

Sara Rönne is a writer and also brand ambassador for Tobe Outerwear and her favorites for winter adventures are the Vivid Monosuit and Macer Jacket.