Gear up in layers for your adventures and you will ensure to always be properly dressed, regardless if you start to feel warm and sweaty from hard work or if it gets colder and the wind picks up. Clothes from TOBE are developed to keep you warm and dry. The carefully chosen materials, and the high technology membranes, have built in smartness that will transport sweat from your skin to the outer air and also protect you from wind, cold, rain and snow.

merino wool

Choose Merinowool for your base layer

You might have heard that you should never wear cotton as your first layer when you are being active outdoors. Cotton will get wet and cold. The sweat from physical activity will stay in the garment and it will cool you down uncomfortably after physical effort. Choose materials such as merino wool instead, it is an excellent baselayer material. Merino wool collects the perspiration from your skin and also has the superpower to transport it further, to the next layer. A merino wool baselayer will keep you warm and dry despite high-intensity activities. Also, merino wool is a self-cleaning material. Hang it outside over night to freshen it up. You don’t even need to worry about bad smell.

Your middle layer regulates the temperature

Your middle layer is the layer between your base layer and your outer layer. Remove this layer if you get too warm, or add an additional middle layer if you feel cold. A fleece with a brushed inside, or a thin down jacket, might be a perfect middle layer depending on your activity. Take the time to remove, or put on, the middle layer if you feel too warm or too cold when being outside.

When temperatures are very cold you might want to wear more than one middle layer. This is what makes layering great: it will always help you maintain just the right body temperature regardless the weather!

The outer layer protects your from the elements

The outer layer will protect you from weather and wind, precipitation and cold. Make sure that your outer layer is suitable for your activity, and also spacious enough to allow for air between your layers to work as warming isolation. The hood protects your head when conditions are harsh. The outer layer is very technical and consists of materials with specific functions.

The gear from Tobe Outerwear are 100% waterproof and 100% windproof but still delivers on breathability. This is because the membrane in the garment has microscopic holes that allow for the vapour to be let through – but the holes are too small for water drops or melted snow on the outside. This material is the Sympatex 45000 mm membrane. We are aware that your activities are dynamic and that you are in environments that challenge your gear. Maybe you go snowmobiling or do work on your property.

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