Padded and comfortable suspenders

Like loggers—who spend their days bending, lifting, cutting and hauling—we consider a good pair of suspenders crucial to our performance. Our custom-constructed harness is padded for comfort, have three adjustments points to keep everything in place, and have two thoughtfully-placed radio clips. The mesh panel between the shoulder blades gives you a more ergonomic fit without sacrificing breathability. Our suspenders are as rugged as the terrain we ride in.

Adjustable waist

These bibs are ready to be used and worn with your own belt. But they also have an adjustable waist made with velcro straps using strong elastic, so you can adjust for a perfect fit.

Reinforced boot gaiters

Unlike on most bibs, our boot gaiters are constructed from extra tough materials that hold up against wear and tear from running boards. You’ll also find Kevlar® Armortex® blend reinforcements on the cuff, which means your pant hem will look as good on day 100 as it did on day 1.

Reinforced knees

We added Kevlar® Armortex® blend reinforcements to the knees and inside of the legs of this bib. This material is one of those magic modern materials that people talk about without really explaining any further. Bulletproof vests are also made with Kevlar, meaning this is the best protection you can have against sharp running boards or trees. And with an added layer of protection, you won’t think twice about taking a knee to fix or maintain your machine.

Big vents for big stucks

While the Sympatex® membrane in your TOBE bibs are designed to dynamically regulate your temperature and allow moisture to escape, we designed the Vivid Bib with over-sized vents so that you can dispense heat quickly when the going gets tough.