Waterproof to 45,000mm

Nothing ruins a day faster than having wet gear on a storm day, or feeling water seep through from a wet chairlift. Sympatex has a 45,000mm waterproof rating—a number you’re not likely to see printed on other technical fabrics. And it doesn’t just keep you dry—it can be stretched up to 300% in any direction and is extremely breathable.

Why two zippers are better than one

A collar that is too tight feels constrictive. One that’s too loose can be cold. And a centered zipper under your chin can be jabbing and uncomfortable. That’s why we re-developed this zipper on this monosuit 4 times: to design a collar that every rider could customize for the combination of comfort and ventilation.

A multi-purpose hood built for any adventure

We wanted to design a monosuit that could adapt to every winter backcountry adventure without having to sacrifice sport-specific features. So when it came to designing a hood, our goal was to construct one that had a functional purpose even when it wasn’t being used. The result is a perfectly fitted hood that protects your face when you need it, and keeps snow from creeping in or building up under your helmet when you don’t.

Shoulder harness

Like loggers—who spend their days bending, lifting, cutting and hauling—we consider a good pair of suspenders crucial to our performance. Our custom-constructed harness is padded for comfort, have three adjustments points to keep everything in place, and have two thoughtfully-placed radio clips. The mesh panel between the shoulder blades gives you a more ergonomic fit without sacrificing breathability. Our suspenders are as rugged as the terrain we ride in.


Our Macer Monosuit has a slimmer, more athletic fit than our other Monosuits which makes it a favotire among the skiiers/snowboarders. The Macer Monosuit has plenty of pockets, Kevlar reinforced areas and is 100% wind & waterproof. So get ready for winter adventures in our Macer Monosuit.





Sympatex® 45,000 mm


- Optimal breathability - Armortex Kevlar reinforcements


- 45 000 mm Water Column - Sympatex® membrane - 100% wind & waterproof - YKK Aquaguard® zippers - Reinforced seams
 - Fully seam sealed 
- Laser cut wrist gaiters - Cordura reinforced seat