The Ekta Monosuit features a 320 degree dropseat.

100% Waterproof

The Ekta Monosuit will protect you from whatever mother nature has to offer. Not only is the Ekta monosut 100% waterproof, it is also 100% windproof.

Sympatex Membrane

Nothing ruins a day faster than having wet gear on a storm day, or feeling water seep through from a wet chairlift. Sympatex has the high rating of 45,000mm waterproof, a number you’re not likely to see printed on other technical fabrics.

Kevlar reinforced

Our Ekta  monosuit has added Kevlar® Armortex® blend reinforcements to the knees and inside of the legs. This material is one of those magic modern materials that people talk about without really explaining any further. Bulletproof vests are also made with Kevlar, meaning this is the best protection you can have against sharp running boards or trees. And with an added layer of protection, you won’t think twice about taking a knee to fix or maintain your machine.