A thin and aggressive frame encompasses the large cylindrical lens to avoid obstructing any visibility. The slight forward facing tilt of the lens increases the peripheral view in the vertical axis to enable higher performance in the most demanding situations. Precise and adjustable outriggers ensure the goggle fi ts comfortably against the face regardless of helmet used. To increase comfort, the Revelation goggle is equipped with three layers of soft foam. The varied density of the foam softens the pressure applied to the face while sealing the eyeport. The outer layer is made of a soft, fabric like material which reduces the friction against the skin to enhance comfort. It also has several wellpositioned ventilation passages to maximize the air circulation without disturbing the wearer.
>>Information to our customers in California (California Proposition 65).





» Wide fi eld of view» Removable nose piece» “OTG” Over the glasses rated» Adjustable strap


» 100% UV protection» 40mm head strap» Silicone inside strap to secure to helmet» Triple layer multi foam» Polycarbonate lens» XL foam for a fl awless fi t» Outriggers