How to wash your snowmobile gear

2.0 Outerwear

Refreshing your gear is important. In fact, it’s the secret to being warm and dry year after year. That’s right, we are encouraging you to wash your TOBE Outerwear at least once a year, although more often is completely acceptable. Wash your gear as often as you want.

How to wash your gear:

Put your monosuit, jacket and bibs in the washer, just as you would any other clothing.

Use regular laundry soap or detergent or a specialty soap (we recommend Nikwax Tech Wash) to clean your gear.

Dry your gear in the dryer! Just make sure to use the tumble dry low setting.

Spray on a DWR (such as Nikwax TX.Direct) after the dry cycle is complete to ensure the water beads off like the first time you wore your gear.

Base Layers

Our Merino Wool base layers perform just as magnificently in the washer and dryer as they do in the elements!

First, it is important to note that merino wool is self-cleaning, so you have the option of letting it hang overnight.

By morning, the garment will be dry and odor-free. However, when you do decide it’s time for a wash, simply throw your merino wool base layers in with a dark load of laundry.
Wash with cool water and your detergent of choice. Then put them in the dryer on tumble dry low or medium. Yes, you read that right – you can dry your merino wool products on medium without fear of shrinking them!