Goggles developed and designed by engineers in collaboration with professional snowmobilers to meet the exacting demands of the world’s finest riders. Forget about fog, and don’t worry about debris. With our goggles, you’ll always get optimal vision.


Really good goggles are a winter sports necessity. TOBE snowmobile goggles give riders optimal vision and protection. Developed and designed by engineers in collaboration with professional snowmobilers, they meet the demands of the world’s finest riders. With our goggles, snowmobile riders get a wide field of view, improved vision across a range of light conditions, and protection from weather and debris. Fog-free lens technology and highly adjustable straps mean you ride comfortably for hours. All our goggles are designed for a Flawless Fit™ with our snowmobile helmets—no slipping, gapping, or drafts – just complete protection. Interchangeable lenses will add to a perfect day. Replace scratched lenses, swap them out to meet varying light levels, and fine-tune your high-performance goggles to match your monosuit. Check out or range of google lenses, protective gear, snowmobile gloves and boots.


WHAT IS ARCTIC VISION™? Our TOBE Arctic Vision™ lenses are designed and developed to suit the flat light weather conditions of the north that reduce your eyes’ ability to distinguish contrast. These lenses provide greater contrast and clarity in snowy terrain. By removing some aspects of the color spectrum, we can greatly improve your vision and performance.