The monosuit is the ultimate choice for complete coverage weather protection. Designed to fit both men and women – you get lots of secure pockets, focused ventilation, and reinforcement in key areas. All our monosuits are lab tested and field-proven to perform in the most extreme conditions.


Snowmobile suits, snowsuits, ski suits or as we call them, monosuits. Whatever you call them, there’s no better choice for complete coverage weather protection on backcountry snowmobile rides and quick sled tours close to home. Our monosuits are not only extremely comfortable for both men and women, but they are 100% waterproof and windproof and also packed from top to bottom with all the features the backcountry demands. We’ve got all the secure pockets you need, focused ventilation, reinforcement in crucial areas like knees and seat, and ergonomic fit. Sympatex, Cordura, and Kevlar make the best, most durable fabrics, and everything is lab tested and field-proven to perform at the top in the most extreme conditions and demanding rides. Stormproof, insulated, or lightweight shell, high visibility colors or something more classic, a looser fit or a tighter – we have all the choices for your next high-performance, super versatile snowmobile suit. For extra features designed specifically for women – check out our monosuit Ekta. Discover our range of both non-insulated snowmobile suits and insulated snowmobile suits. Complete your protective gear with snowmobile helmets and durable snowmobile boots.



At TOBE Outerwear, we pride ourselves on crafting high-performance monosuits designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, ensuring our customers experience unparalleled safety and comfort. Our snowmobile suits are meticulously constructed using premium materials such as Sympatex, Cordura, and Kevlar , each contributing unique properties to elevate the performance of our products. SympaTex is renowned for its waterproof and breathable features, providing optimal ventilation and ensuring the wearer remains dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Cordura offers exceptional durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, making it a staple in our monosuits to guarantee long-lasting performance and protection against the harshest elements. Kevlar, a synthetic fiber known for its extraordinary strength and lightweight properties, is integrated into our snowmobile suits to reinforce critical areas, enhancing the overall durability and level of protection offered by our products. By leveraging these advanced materials, we at TOBE Outerwear are committed to delivering monosuits and snowmobile suits that not only offer superior protection and durability but also provide maximum freedom of movement and comfort, allowing our customers to embrace the extremes with confidence. Learn more about our materials.