Warm winter hats, classic beanies, and trucker caps. Sunglasses that will cut the glare of snow and water so you can absorb the beauty. We have a full range of accessories to keep you warm, protect you from the sun, and hide your bedhead.


Warm winter hats. Classic beanies. Trucker caps, hats with earflaps, and balaclavas, too. We have a full range of TOBE headwear to keep you warm, shade you from the sun, or hide your bedhead on trips to town. All of our premium quality hats and toques are made for outdoor use. Sun’s out, and it’s a good day for a hike? Grab a breathable flat-brim trucker or classic ball cap and hit the trail. Our polarized sunglasses are perfect for extra protection. Cold out? Our knit beanies are great for snowmobiling, backcountry skiing, and staying comfortable après adventure. Cold – or looking to stir things up? We have a trapper – a warm hat with awesome soft earflaps. A classic look that brings old-school style and serious warmth. We know that snowmobiling is more than boots, helmets, and jackets. Find a TOBE hat, beanie, balaclava for your days off the sled and that special time hanging out with friends after your ride.