Ski Clothing and Gear for Men

The idea for TOBE was born at the intersection where skiing and snowmobiling meet. We bring the two together – functionally with color, technical performance, and durability in winter clothing geared for extreme environments, spiritually through a deep love for cold days and fresh snow. Some of our distinctive, best-loved products are durable ski pants that won’t be cut by steel edges and bibs for the deepest powder.

At TOBE, we have products designed and developed from our own experience and inspired by a heart that beats for the snow. The devil is always in the details. For us, it means we work diligently to create truly waterproof products with intelligent features like perfectly placed pockets, targeted ventilation, Kevlar reinforcements, and a fit that’s clean, streamlined, and patterned to remove restriction.

You deserve – need – ski clothing built to withstand serious use. Pack up your snowboard or ski gear, hop on your sled, head into the backcountry, and find some untouched terrain to lay down first tracks.