The question we get most often is how is Dermizax different from Gore-Tex?

Dermizax and Gore-Tex basically uses two very different techniques to do the same thing, keeping you dry.
In the lab the waterproofness and the breathability is the same, only machines could measure a difference. 

So, what about that technique?

Gore-tex is a porous technology that breathes by letting out the water vapor through tiny holes in the membrane. 
Dermizax on the other hand is a hydrophilic non-porous membrane- or in terms that are understandable, it’s a water loving film with no holes in it. Basically it breathes by ”absorbing” vapor molecules on one side and releasing it on the other side. 
The benefit of this structure is that in very high activity it is able to reduce condensation on the inside of your garment.
Outside of the laboratories this is the real problem. When your sweat is transported away from your body it eventually reaches the cold surface of your outer-shell. If the sweat-vapor condensates and turn in to water before it’s transported through the outer-shell it simply can’t get through. It will be stuck on the inside and make you wet.

Lasts longer

In conventional fabrics dirt and sweat accumulate in micro pores over time. This reduces, or blocks the breathability of the fabric. Moreover micro pores get damaged during washing. They stretch up, tear, or get clogged. Since Dermizax has no such micro pores, the fabric does not damage or clog. This results in a much longer functional lifetime for Dermizax fabrics compared to conventional fabrics.
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